Assembly abilities in any market
Outsource to ISO certified manufacturing


    We specialize in sourcing products for
    small and mid-size corporations that
    wish to focus on research, product
    development and sales and have a
    complete virtual SCM solution delivered
    by AGSC, LLC

    We have a vast number of suppliers who
    are already manufacturing products for
    the retail industry. There is nothing that
    we cannot source within days of your
    request. From planting pots to
    commercial lighting, we are already

  • PCB level assemblies (any industry)
  • Cell phone refurbishment
  • Internal / External Power supplies
  • Finished good level assembly
  • Sourcing solution ( China low cost
    supplier / BOM cost quoting)
  • Logistic solution (materials kitting and
    bonded materials warehousing)
  •    Passive components
  •    Electro-mechanical
  •    Audio components
  •    Metal Stamping
  •    Injection molding and tooling
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